The Newest Leisure Farm in Loon, Vita Isola

Most of you are looking for a perfect getaway destination for relaxation and rejuvenation. This definitely tops the long to-do list for this summer. The first ever Leisure Farm tourist destination in Loon might be perfect for you. Vita Isola. Strategically situated in the heart of Brgy. Ubojan, Sandingan, Loon, Bohol.

Vita Isola came from the Italian word “Island Life”. Often you hear Vita Isola is tagged as a “Resort”, but it is more than your usual resort destinations in the area or that of a several similar resorts in Bohol. In view of the fact that Vita Isola is a leisure farm which fused  everything in one place. It showcases the sustainable, peaceful, and nature-friendly vacation spot. This eco-friendly, one-hectare property offers a variety of refreshing activities namely the organic farm tour, farm animals, aquaculture tour, water activities and events. More to that is the dramatic scenery of the Leisure Farm’s swimming pool and jacuzzi or the glee to experience some water sport activities such as snorkeling, stand-up paddle boarding, and kayaking plus a taste of their delectable farm-fresh cuisine.

Casa Boholana



Greeted in a warm way with a complimentary drink to start off your stay, Casa Boholana is a native two-story house designed with a classic Boholano structure and full of lovely collections of stately venerable furniture preserved and valued.

Planning for an event here? You can discuss details with the person in-charge because this also serves as a place for the farm’s information and inquiries. Also for the guests to relax, eat and socialize.


The Farm Tour

                     Farm Animals


Native hats are made ready to protect the guests from the heat of the sun during the tour. A resort staff will guide you during the farm tour, who will also introduce the different breeds of farm animals labeled and described for more information.

                      Organic Plants


Not too far into your stroll is a section wherein vegetables and garden patches for herbs and spices are located. This organic farm will give a closer look into the unfamiliar organic plants and takes you to a sensory experience where you can actually pick off and smell them. The resort uses its own fresh produce as ingredients for the dishes it offers.

 The Aquaculture Tour


The aqua tour gives you a chance to simulate a fisher man’s task. With fishing rods, you can personally catch and buy fresh fishes (depending on how many fish you catch and its wieght) and be introduced to some endangered snails like “kapinan” or abalone and into how “guso” (eucheuma), both the green (eucheuma cottoni) and red ones (eucheuma spinosum) are being cultured.

Meanwhile, Vita Isola prides itself to come up with a range of water activities like stand-up paddle boarding, single and double kayaking, and a five-kilometer mangrove tour around the island.

The Infinity Swimming Pool


The guests could also take a dip into the leisure farm’s wide, infinity swimming pool and jacuzzi with an inviting view right in front of the Casa Boholana. Beside this spot is a bar where the guest can enjoy a peaceful swim, sip a glass of wine, and adore beautiful landscapes and tall trees in the surrounding shading the turfs.

The Farm-fresh Cuisine


Every guest and traveler wants to try the local cuisine during his visit. Vita Isola’s fresh-farm cuisine offers local seafood that would give you a great dining experience. Whichever holiday season you visit, Vita Isola will always welcome you with their delicious farm-to-table food menu that suits your taste. The cost of these meals lies between Php120 to Php480 per dinner.

But how much are we going to pay to experience all these?

Vita Isola welcomes with many choices for you:

  1. A mere Php500 for walk-in guests. Php200 for the entrance fee and Php300 consumable for food.
  2. You can also avail the Php1,200 package tour of the farm. That includes your entrance fee, farm and aqua tour, lunch,complementary drink and pm snack.
  3. Water Activities will charge Php400 per hour for the single kayak and Php600 per hour for the double kayak.
  4. The catch and buy of the fishes will costs Php500 per hour.
  5. Another charge for the pool that will open this April 2018.

Note: Vita Isola recommends an advance reservation for the farm tour package since they limit their guests to 30 persons per day to maintain the tranquility of the place.

For more Information please contact Vita Isola +639105050277

How to get to the place?

1. Ride a public transportation (bus and jeepney) with only Php25 fare.

2. It is about a 45 minute drive in between Tagbilaran and Tubigon.

3. Motorcycle drivers are waiting from the starting point of Sandingan ready to take you to the place. It is only 4.3km ride going to Bgry. Ubojan where Vita Isola is located for a fare of Php20 only.


Experience the beautiful Island Life at Vita Isola!

Thank you, as always, for reading. 

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