A place to stress less


Thedauntlesslass,Boffo Resort,SandinganIsland
Photo credit: RAUL GATAL

After a crazy, stressful day, going outside often brings you calm and quiet to your mind when nothing else will. You tend to find an ideal place to relax and chill. Luckily,  I did not need to go far because our town has many places to offer and one of these is the Boffo Resort in Loon situated at Barangay Basdio, Sandingan Island. The Boffo Resort is just 40 to 45 minutes drive between Tagbilaran City and Tubigon Bohol and an 8 kilometers away starting from Loon Public Market.

The alley way where the entrance lie

Upon entering the resort, you can already take awesome pictures of the green scenery all over the place.

The stairway

The hall way

The native style accommodation facilities of the resort is an added piece to your freedom to enjoy the environment with a privacy, while having some extraordinary experience from the moment you stepped into the resort’s lounge.

But how about their infinity pool?

Well, here’s a look of their extensive swimming pool.



The infinity pool and the calming sea in front of you looks really amazing. Perhaps this area of the resort is where you can find your new feather of peacefulness while going under the water and enjoy the breathe of fresh air while you shut the outside world out for a little while.

Wait, there’s more!




Here is the cozy cottage overlooking the sea where all you can hear is the sound of the waves crashing unto the rocks. And just like that, you can set sail a simple day tour to only absorb the atmosphere and forget about everyday problems and stress for a while.

But how costly it is?

Not as much as you think. You can only spend a minimum of Php 500. That includes your entrance fee for Php 200 consumable into food and the remaining Php 300 for the pool.

What do you think? 🙂


Thank you for reading!




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